Vacuum Sealed Coffee Jug

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Variants: 500ML

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Instructions for use:

1. It is not recommended to store liquid or powder articles in the tank. (Because there is a vacuum valve in the sealing cover, water or powder may enter the vacuum valve in the cover when the tank is dumped, which may lead to the blockage of the valve and affect the vacuum effect. )

2. The height of the articles stored in the tank: it is recommended to be lower than the bottom of the "sealed cover" by 1cm. It is recommended to press 20 times to obtain a better vacuum hypoxia storage effect when vacuum pumping is carried out.

3. To ensure a better storage effect in the tank for a long time, it is suggested that the air extraction valve on the top of the sealed lid be pressed several times every 7-10 days to obtain a better vacuum and low oxygen storage environment in the tank.

4. According to the principle of thermal expansion and cold contraction, it is not possible to obtain a good vacuum effect when hot food is stored in the tank. It is suggested that the hot food should be placed at room temperature before being covered with a sealing cover for pressing and pumping.

5. During daily use, please don't be close to naked flames to avoid strong impact, so as not to cause product deformation and affect the use effect.